Zinzino ZinoBiotic+


Restore your gut health

* Premier Discount Available


Restore your gut health

Bring your gut back into balance with our tailored blend of eight natural sources of dietary fibers. ZinoBiotic+ contributes to the growth of good bacteria and promotes normal bowel functions, reduces spiking in blood sugar after meals and helps you to maintain good cholesterol levels. Also available in practical portion packs when you’re traveling or are on the go.

Content: 180 g

Food supplement

For your upcoming orders, we will be upgrading your ZinoBiotic+ to ZinoBiotic+ Portion Pack. This convenient pack contains the same high-quality ZinoBiotic+ formula as the original product but in individual portion sizes for easy and hassle-free consumption. One package contains 15 portion packs, with 12 g of ZinoBiotic+ in each and you will get it for the same price as orginal ZinoBiotic+ .

* Premier Discount Available


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