• This candle represents The Dao Nature State of FIRE
• Essential Oil blend: Basil & Geranium
• Crystal: Rose Quartz
• Qualities: Opens the heart, provides healing energy & removes negative emotions.
• Colour: amber glass (vessel)
• Materials / Ingredients: glass (container), bamboo (lid), rubber (inner lid), natural
soy wax, pure organic essential oils, natural crystals, brass Feng Shui coin.
• Size: 300ml

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Meticulously conceptualised and handcrafted with love by an all-women team in Cape
Town, this limited edition high-vibrational, premium quality all-natural soy candle contains
a blend of pure organic essential oils expertly blended to deliver a subtle yet powerful
scent. Each candle is enhanced by crystals charged under the moonlight, and all
elements are combined in a specific way to catalyse consciousness, stimulate Qi (energy)
and assist with transformation. The Feng Shui brass coin on the outside of the glass
vessel brings the owner abundance and well-being. It’s finished with a secure bamboo lid
with rubber inner rim.
The collection is based on The Dao philosophy or ‘way of life’ which can be defined as
‘the source of everything’ (similar to what the West would call ‘the quantum field’). The
Dao talks about living in harmony with nature, and the 5 Nature States that our physical
body can take on and flow through. These Nature States resonate with and match exactly
what you would find in nature and the cosmos at large. Depending on your body’s
particular Nature State at a particular point in time, you may choose one of the 3 blends
currently available in our collection to create transformation in your body, mind and soul,
either WATER, FIRE or EARTH. Our WOOD and METAL candles will be available at a later

Weight 300 g


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