VIVIDEARTH is a brave new initiative founded by South African entrepreneur Anina Malherbe-Lan who felt compelled to join the growing movement of awakening and empowering humanity, particularly after what has transpired globally over the last few years. The channel aims to inspire & educate those who are ready, about our true purpose here on earth and the real history of humanity, both on earth and beyond in the cosmos, in order for people to figure out their true path. 

From time to time we will be sharing and discussing uncomfortable, sometimes even shocking truths about our world and the lies we’ve been told by the powers that be, yet always with a higher purpose of working towards emancipating humanity and to co-creating a positive outcome for all living beings. 

Look out for weekly  interviews with experts and inspiring people in the fields of natural wellness, metaphysics & mysticism, ancient civilisations, exopolitics, leadership, building New Earth systems and much more, all of which aim to assist with the growing global awakening process and the ascension process of Earth.

Join us on our journey of raising our collective consciousness in order to co-create a New Earth – a VIVIDEARTH.

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